Startup Partnerships

Build your successful business with us.
GELITA Startup Partnerships – a program for you!
Leverage your innovation potential by combining it with a global market leader's resources.

A win-win relationship

Benefits for your Startup

Industry Expertise

Science-based products and research capabilities
Get regulatory and IP advice from leading subject matter experts and scale your solution with extensive knowhow.

Market Access

World-class facilities and global supply chain
(Co-)develop products that create true value. Access GELITA's customer base and markets leveraging a global reach.


Strategic investment and entrepreneurial freedom
Receive financial support to grow your company and execute your winning business strategy.

Focus Areas

Are you looking for a partner to shape the future? If you are a startup working on problems and potentials in one of the following strategic focus areas, apply now!

Customer Experience

Develop superior services through customization, customer engagement or loyalty programs.

New Business Models

Generate growth opportunities through innovative ways to create, deliver and capture value.

Product Performance

Develop added functionality, improve ease of use and find new application areas.

Process & Technology

Optimize production quality, increase efficiency and accelerate process automation.

Supply Chain

Build alliances, develop secondary market opportunities and facilitate interfirm collaborations.

The Big Unknown

Show us areas that we are not aware of, which have the potential to fundamentally change our business.

Our current

Call and Challenges

What we’ve been doing recently

Latest updates


Headquartered in Germany, GELITA is the world's leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industries and for numerous technical applications. Find out more about GELITA at

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Why is GELITA interested in partnering up with startups?
We've set up the Partnership Program to engage with startups and facilitate collaboration. Working closely together with startups gives us the opportunity to explore new markets. We want to gain insights into cutting edge technologies and learn about innovative ideas – outside our company.
What kind of partnerships do you offer?
Critical to the success of any partnership are aligned incentives. Therefore, we do not have a standardized approach of collaboration – let’s sit together and reflect what works best for you und us. We connect early-stage startups to our innovation projects, to our business sectors for co-development or to our investment team.
Is my startup a fit for GELITA?
We're looking for sustainable products and business models that are connected to our portfolio and add value to customers. We seek committed entrepreneurs who feel passionate about what they do.
Do you take equity?
Yes and no. We act as a long-term oriented and entrepreneurial partner, empowering early-stage startups in the nutrition and technology ecosystem. We offer equity-based and non-equity-based partnership models.
Why should I apply?
We have a profound track record of innovations and we believe in the power of collaboration. Thus, we dedicate our industry-specific experience, skills and network to help you bring ideas to life and grow your company.
How do I apply?
Please apply using our form. We review applications on an ongoing basis and will get back to you as soon as possible.
I have further questions or comments. How can I get in touch?
We will consider all suggestions and feedback concerning our partnership program, as they present highly valuable insights to us. We're happy to answer any questions via email at [email protected].

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