Energy Efficiency Challenge

We are looking for solutions to reduce energy consumption! Ended
With this startup challenge, we want to contribute to sustainable energy reduction and CO2 neutrality. Is your company working on new equipment or technologies that reduce energy consumption and thereby minimize our environmental impact? Are you dealing with the incorporation of alternative, green energy sources or process improvement solutions that reduce energy consumption? Continue reading to learn more about this challenge and how you can become a part of our international network. 

What are we looking for?

How to be eligible for this challenge:
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You have specific expertise in food processing within the described challenge
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You have proven solutions or products with at least first pilot projects
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You are flexible to customize your solution for our special needs
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You have the capacity to run and support trials and pilot projects either in Germany, North America, or Brazil

Focus Areas

Green Energy
Process Optimization
Clean Technology


Hey Startup! Are you ready to contribute to increasing energy efficiency with GELITA? 

We want to make food processing more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Join us in innovating and reducing energy consumption in food processing plants and get the chance to grow together with GELITA, a global protein producer with 21 production facilities. 

You will have the opportunity to test and pilot your product as well as exchange ideas with us and get  feedback from our experts to make qualified adaptions to your solution. 

About you:

We want to truly make a difference and tackle energy consumption as a first step. Join this challenge if your company ...

  • … develops energy-efficient solutions applicable to the food manufacturing industry (e.g., solid/liquid separations, concentrations, drying technologies)
  • … incorporates alternative energy sources in food manufacturing facilities
  • … innovates energy recovery systems

What's in it for you as a Startup?

Collaborate with experts

You have the opportunity to work closely with our experts and get highly qualified feedback about your solution, allowing you to continuously improve it. 

A global sourcing and supply network

You have the chance to cooperate with GELITA's global sourcing and supply network. 

World-class references

Receive world-class references for your startup to get the word out and keep the ball rolling! 

Win GELITA as a long-term customer

Even after the challenge, you will have the chance to develop a potential long-term business relationship with a global player in the protein industry. 

Possibility of a sponsored pilot project

As a winner you will get the opportunity to receive support from GELITA for a joint pilot project. 


Project terms

Access the project terms(PDF) here.

Frequently asked questions

How can startups get involved?

As soon as the application stage launches you can complete our 10-minute application form using the link at the top of this page. All you need to do after that is sit back and wait for us to get back to you!


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    Applications Open! 2021-03-24
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    Extended Deadline 2021-05-28 23:59 CEST
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    Feedback to Submitters 2021-07-09
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    Planned project start 2021-10-04

About Startup Partnerships

The energy efficiency challenge is brought to you by GELITA! GELITA is a global manufacturer of animal-based collagen protein with production plants on all continents. With the energy efficiency challenge, GELITA invites you (startups) to solve real problems and to become a long-term business partner! This challenge will be managed by a dedicated GELITA startup scout and supported by a Global Vice President. Learn More

Contact Us

Andreas Schiffner
Global Lead Buyer Energy and Startup Scout